Archive for Heartland RPG For all of you heartland lovers out here, an rpg where you can play along with Amy and Ty, healing horses, healing hearts.

Getting Started
A few things before you start....
Characters life
Here you make your character, pets, friends and family, buy your house, and do anything else that involves your character.
List of Characters
Here is where I will put everybody down, So people know who is who. I will update whenever someone joins
The Neighborhood
A nice peaceful subdivision located in a central area. No limit to how many people move in.
Healing horses, Healing hearts, this lovely ranch run by the Flemings always welcomes guests. feel free to stop by and watch Amy work, she's a miracle worker!
The Ranches
Ten beautiful ranches, with lots of pasture land for cows and horses. start your own operation here! Hurry, there are only ten ranches, make one of them yours now!
Dude Ranch
Need a relaxing vacation, I'm sure Lou Flemming will make your stay enjoyable!
Maggie's Tack&Feed/Diner
The central hub of Alberta, this is always a place to go if you want to here any news. And on a plus, there coffee is great!!
The Track
The race track is always exciting, but place your bets carefully, who knows when a new horse is going to jump to first!
Fairfield Stables
Lisa Stillman is the proud owner of Fairfield, a stables that does about everything, from jumping, to dressage, to racing!
Brier Ridge
Some people comment that they don't like the way she trains her horses, but Val Stanton is so sure of herself that she doesn't think anything will get in her way!
Other Hudson and Calgary Locations
Have smaller places not as often visited? Make them here!
Here is a discussion place to talk about the cast and crew!!
A place to talk about all the episodes
The Horses
Do you have a favorite horse? Discuss it here!
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